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Chicago School of Blues: Home

Chicago School of Blues is a music program that travels to schools,

afterschool sessions, and community centers giving workshops and concerts

for people of all ages.  We teach self-awareness by showing people how to

tell their stories in a three-line blues verse.  Musicians from Chicago's

West and South Sides help students sing their tunes. They show how their

instruments work and how they cooperate to play together in a band.


Bonni McKeown, a blues piano player, writer and teaching artist has been

coordinating the program and recruiting the musicians since 2004. She says

they are delighted not only with a much-needed payday in the classroom,

but in passing their music on to younger generations.


Chicago School of Blues is not currently organized as a nonprofit, but its

501c3 fiscal sponsor, Fractured Atlas, makes contributions tax-deductible

for donors.